Descriptions and Notes

In this paper, the Atlantic Yellow-legged Gulls found at Tenerife in the Canaries have been selected for the main description. This form appears to be the most central in appearance with those in the Azores forming one extreme and those in north Spain another. This form has also been observed both in mid-winter in December and in the post-breeding season in August. Other forms are described in terms of their significant variation from the Tenerife birds or where additional information is available. Experience in south-west France is also related where this is relevant to the overall picture. A number of tables summarise statistical information on calls, wingtip patterns, moult condition and first-year appearance.

The locations visited within each area are listed at locations visited together with the number seen.

Central Canaries

Western Canaries

Eastern Canaries

South Morocco

North-west Morocco


North Morocco

East Andalucia

Eastern Straits of Gibraltar (Spain)

Gibraltar/La Linea

Western Straits of Gibraltar (Spain)

West Andalucia michahellis

West Andalucia

South Portugal

South-west Portugal

North Portugal/North-west Spain

North Spain

South-west France michahellis

South-west France argenteus