Atlantic Yellow-legged Gulls -- Generic Features of Adults (December 2002)

Features: Eight features common to most adult Atlantic Yellow-legged Gulls are given here:

  1. yellow legs.
  2. blue-grey mantles, generally brighter blue than those of Mediterranean michahellis which have been thought to be less bluish than fresh argenteus (Grant, 1986; Garner & Quinn, 1997) or a steely or dull grey (Jonsson, 1998).
  3. relatively small size, being 5-10% less than Mediterranean michahellis in the length of wing, bill and tarsus
  4. blunt wingtip giving bunched white tips on the folded wing; P9 is the same length as P10 or very slightly shorter while in Mediterranean michahellis P10 is usually longer; P8 is closer in length to P9 than to P7 while in Mediterranean michahellis the difference between the lengths of P7 and P8 and of P8 and P9 is the same.
  5. short-legs, c70% of body height above legs when perched, compared to Mediterranean michahellis, c100% of body height above legs.
  6. rounded heads, lacking the angular or square appearance of Mediterranean michahellis.
  7. long calls lacking the guttural nature of Mediterranean michahellis; mew calls more like graellsii, less deep than those of Mediterranean michahellis.
  8. head held at angle of 60 in long calls, compared to 90 in Mediterranean michahellis.


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