PhD/MPhil Supervision by Nick Rossiter


Newcastle University

Fahhad Al-Harbi

PhD 1997

Development of a Methodology and an Expert System for Disaster Recovery

David Nelson

PhD 1998

To formalise and implement a Categorical Object-relational Database System.

Barry Florida-James

PhD 2000

Version Control in Engineering Design Databases

Fahad Al-Humaidan

PhD 2006

Evaluation of Business Process Modelling and Development of a Combined Methodology

Salem Aljareh

PhD 2004

Security Management of Services which are integrated across the Boundaries of Enterprises

Northumbria University

Ali Sayeh Elbekai

PhD 2006

Generic Model for Application-driven XML data processing

Pensri Amornsinlaphachai

PhD 2007

Updating Semi-structured Data

Dimitris Sisiaridis

PhD 2010

Holistic Approach to Security across Distributed Systems

Mosa Elbendak

PhD 2011

Requirements-driven Automatic Generation of Class Model

Tim Reichert

PhD 2011

A Pattern-Based Foundation for Language-Driven Software Engineering

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