AstrAlgo cWeb Vol. 2013 (1031) issue GOL X #1185

Typing of information systems: architecture and dynamics

Nick Rossiter, Michael Heather, Dimitris Sisiardis
Northumbria University, UK

Session: PL

Anticipation is a property of any system and resides in its semantics as a duality of the system itself. The relationship is an adjointness between levels, requiring contravariancy. The intension/extension levels are impredicative in nature but this recursive characteristic can be represented formally in category theory. This paper focuses on the vital role of contravariancy in adjointness, permitting a structured re-ordering of the categories involved. A worked example of a three-level architecture for an information system is provided, illustrating the alternation of intension/extension pairs, the adjointness of two-way functors between each level, the (bi)functors for linking intension to extension and the locally Cartesian closed structure of the underlying categories. The dynamic anticipatory aspect of contravariant mapping, relative to static covariant mapping, is highlighted, reinforcing the view that contravariancy underpins anticipation in information systems.