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This is the current blog for the 2018 season, updated daily, giving recent activity.

Significant events in the Honey-buzzard season as it unfolds in Northumberland are given here. Seeing Honey-buzzard in their breeding areas is facilitated by reading about their jizz, knowing their calls and digesting the three BB papers updating Honey-buzzard identification (bottom of page). Listen to these wise words from a former prophet: “to try and identify them from plumage I think is a loser to begin with ... you’ve got to identify Honey Buzzards from their shape and structure”. The Honey-buzzard is rapidly increasing as a migrant in Britain with particularly major movements in 2000 and 2008. The analysis cited indicates that a continental origin for the migrants is very unlikely, with various studies on the continent all indicating that the Honey-buzzard is not susceptible to drift while on migration. Focus is now on the significance of orographic lift in the choice of migration routes for birds from more northerly areas where thermals are weaker. The breeding status of the Honey-buzzard in Britain is surely less controversial than it was. Migration totals in the UK have risen in the past decade and attempts to attribute these movements to a Scandinavian origin are in conflict with both 1) the underlying physics of broad-winged raptor migration, and 2) the actual details of the movements. However, migration movements are generally thought to be understated because so many observers struggle with the identification of juvenile Honey-buzzard. The status of Honey-buzzard in the UK has been highly politicised, as in the climate change debate. A close examination of the Honey-buzzard review performed by the Northumberland County Records Committee is in progress: start with part 1 and follow the links through to later pages. A worrying development in early 2015 was the modification of migration data in a Scarce Migrants paper in BB; while the Editor has promised not to repeat the manoeuvre, erroneous data in the literature is extremely difficult to erase. Fear is the path to the dark side; fear of not being able to identify Honey-buzzard leads to anger; anger leads to hate of those that can; hate leads to suffering in the UK birding community (with apologies to Star Wars!). For full details of the 2012 season see the study area Report 2012 with hyperlinked Appendix containing all field observations. Full details for other seasons are contained in the annual blogs, cited above, with an overall summary in Population of the Honey-buzzard in SW Northumberland.

Some recent publications provide strong support for the thesis above. Forsman (2017) provides detailed information on the prevailing Misidentification of Juvenile Honey-buzzard. Maybe unwittingly the last report on Scarce Migrants in Britain by White & Kehoe (2016) admitted that in general migrant Honey-buzzard in Britain are locally born and bred, finally bringing to an end the idea that they were Scandinavian migrants. Therefore Honey-buzzard Migrants are British Born and Bred. Finally from central Scotland an exceptional breeding season for Honey-buzzard was reported by Shaw et al (2017) in 2016, suggesting a continued expansion of numbers in northern Britain (Scotland).

Because of the vast amount of data collected in 2017, not all the data sheets have been processed for that year, There are currently (07/05/18) 5 outstanding -- all Round 1 nest-visits – March Burn 8/7, Wylam 22/6, Kellas 1/7, Staward 3/7, Slaley Forest 11/7, Oakpool 14/7, Towsbank/Featherstone 17/7. After processing, the data will be added to the 2017 blog and this paragraph will be updated.

The pattern of fieldwork will change dramatically in 2018. With a book in prospect, the author wishes to concentrate on habits of Honey-buzzard where clarification is needed rather than cover an enormous study area systematically, where the distribution of the birds is well-established. The intention is that only the Devil's Water (Hexhamshire, 6 sites) and Tyne Valley W (8 sites) will be covered through the season systematically, against a total of 49 sites covered in this way in all areas in 2017 and 2016. However, nest site visits will continue as before, covering 10 sites in 2 rounds of visits and other sites will be visited from time to time. The Study Area is notionally as in 2017 but only part will be covered systematically for occupation. The purpose of the change is to free up more time for creativity in approaching the exciting and largely unknown natural history of the Honey-buzzard.

May 25th: fine start, heavy rain later, did read the weather forecast coat-wise! Met PV and M at unn for 2 hours, discussing the VisCat paper; we thought topos should be downgraded in content for the moment as needs more work to establish its identity; bring on Dolittle I say! Did make CT4s4ll and L&P; at latter looks to me that M&A have taken a straight Eilenberg-Moore categorial approach without proper citation; so while approach at low level looks right, it's not very scholarly! Their use of the powerobject for collections of notes is equivalent to our Cartesian (strong) monad; it's an interesting alternative technique but think the strong monad is the more durable approach, going forward; however, type constraint of powerobject (all possible combinations of notes) is useful. Certainly good progress made! Met P @ B4m4s (Beaumont) where had good meal and chat, including a bottle of Lebanese red wine; bill for 2 was a modest £91, which we split. Then onto W4g4s, where 5 of us out for further good chat; special offer on Ps looks good!! Funds had a turbulent week; after new record on Tuesday, PoO went into sharp reverse on expectations that Saudi/Russia would increase output and oil equities plummeted; I'd already sold ½ my oilies and sold ½ of those remaining this week, though think falls overdone. Finished -1k on week as a whole but 10k down from Tuesday. Gain on year is 96k after withdrawal of 7.1k. Withdrawals amount to expenditure not met from my 3 index-linked pensions, which total 35k a year net of tax; presents to family, so far 7.5k, are cause of deficit. Day had its great moments: love the attention: she's so talented: lok2tgrf!!!!!!! 2moro it's C4c4l and catch-up b4 another meal with the Welly gang at DoW!! xxxxxx!!

May 24th: sunny and warm inland today on light E wind so restarted Honey-buzzard fieldwork, visiting Beaufront W (Hexham NE) from 12:10-13:30. Had 2 Honey-buzzard (male and female up separately but close together where landed!), a Red Kite adult and an agitated adult Common Buzzard. Had another Honey-buzzard, a male, doing the butterfly display flight high-up over Dilston: marvellous to see!! More to follow … Made CAL-NCL, avoiding train disruptions; met N at MP4m4t where we had 3 courses of the day-time special; then onto S-H2-4con. Really enjoyed the concert: Brahms string quintet 5 was very mellow and Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde was very moving; love this sort of work!! The mezzo soprano rather outshone the tenor; she was Jane Irwin who sings regularly near top-line Wagnerian roles such as Brangäne, Isolde's maid, in Tristan And Isolde, and Sieglinde, Siegmund's sister (and lover!), in Walküre. So she had quality of voice, volume when needed, angst and presence: very impressive. Also thought TG, conductor, and AY, flute/piccolo, did a lot for their reputations!! Nite finished brilliantly: late show works so well: she's gorgeous: lok2tgrf!!!!!!! 2moro it's meeting at unn at 12 with P/M on VisCat for 2 hours, followed by CT4s4l. Hoping to get some time in L&P on this crucial paragraph linking M&A's work with ours. Meeting P at 19:00 at B4m4s in Hexham and the gang at 22:00 at W4g4s: so busy!! xxxxxx!!

May 23rd: up late and didn't seem to get too much done in morning! Made C4c4l, T4c4ll (with M), G4g4t (with B), one long round of indulgence, gr8 to have H on at G!! Did get stuck into the Baden-Baden music paper in evening and made a breakthrough; working through in detail Mazzola & Andreatta's paper From a Categorical Point of View: K-Nets as Limit Denotators (2006) can see that what they are doing is a low-level representation of our approach, with home-made Kleisli lift. Some of the detail they give will be useful for our paper; their approach maybe fits their time but the monad, which we've adopted, is cleaner, has a Leibniz pedigree and moreover is implemented in the programming language Haskell. Still will make it much easier to present and write-up our work: Guerino and Moreno, thank you! They will of course be cited and acknowledged. Meeting at unn at 12 tomorrow has been put back a day, same time. But will be in on CAL-NCL for MP at 17:30 and S4con, with N. Also going to Tchaikovsky concert next week. lok2t beauties!!!!

Nationally 4 records on BirdGuides (count 40-43). Records increase towards end of May but they are not always what the observers think they are! Only migrants should be reported to BirdGuides. Some are breeders in the area, for instance Camelford in Cornwall was where I was last May finding breeding birds. Denbury is in the East Devon Commons; anything with Heath in the title could be a breeding site. Portland and Dungeness are obvious migration points.

23/05 09:11 Kent : European Honey Buzzard, Dungeness NNR one flew over bird observatory (09:10)

23/05 11:32 Essex : European Honey Buzzard, Frinton-on-Sea one flew in off sea (09:40)

23/05 15:20 Suffolk : European Honey Buzzard, Dunwich Heath NT one flew north (15:01)

23/05 21:01 Cornwall : European Honey Buzzard, Camelford one flew high west

May 22nd: did further work on Norfolk records, updating butterfly records and completing Honey-buzzard account for Hickling on 18/5. After yesterday's sunshine it was much greyer today but did hear the wailing (mating) call of the Honey-buzzard at 13:00 as left the house; so they're getting down to business! This call is quite jungle-like, betraying their tropical origins; it's nothing like the Common Buzzard calls that they imitate; passion gives away your secrets!! Made N4c4ll where good chat with someone from Durham. Evening certainly had many highlights; was introduced to the minimalist music of Nils Frahm by a fan of Steve Reich!! After RIAS, need the love and attention of the insurance industry!!! lok2t beauties!!!!! Funds +9k on 1st 2 days of week, taking gain on year to date to 107k but still expecting a pause; moving back a bit into Zn/Mn, latter being targeted for electric-car batteries with shortage of Co. Bought a Ag trefid spoon 1684 (Charles II) from a US dealer on Ebay! 2moro it's N4c4l, T4c4ll with M and G4g4t. Full day in NCL is coming up on Thursday; will not be able to use new late train service as there's a strike so it's CAL-NCL. xxxxxx!! Nationally 6 records on BirdGuides (count 34-39):

23/05 08:46 Dorset : European Honey Buzzard, Portland one flew norh over Tout Quarry yesterday (22/05 14:00)

23/05 11:23 Suffolk : European Honey Buzzard, East Bergholt one yesterday

22/05 12:50 Suffolk : European Honey Buzzard, Minsmere RSPB probable flew over; also 2 Common Cranes [?]

22/05 16:47 Surrey : European Honey Buzzard, Oxted possible flew north over M25 (13:45) [?]

22/05 18:20 Devon : European Honey Buzzard, Denbury one over Woodland village; later emerged from Greper Copse and flew towards Bickington (13:30)

22/05 19:38 London, Greater : European Honey Buzzard, Rainham Marshes RSPB one flew northeast (13:30)

May 21st: did make R @ B4m4l where fascinating talk by RD, owner of B, on progress made and what's still to do! Sat in sun outside N4c4ll where some good sights on view! Got down to work, finalising Norfolk data; still a little way to go, but almost there. Some of the piccies from yesterday of Honey-buzzard are very clear! Finally made G4g4s where 6 of us out for great crack. PoO up to $79.22 after Venezuelan election result showing another period of rule for Maduro, forecast to increase exodus of unpaid oil workers; own funds comfortably ton-up now!! Have re-entered CON!

Very interesting programme on BBC2 yesterday evening on our Neanderthal ancestry; c2% of our genes are on average Neanderthal for all humans except those from sub-Sahara Africa where absent. Sapiens inter-bred with Neanderthal on contact c40k-60k years ago as Sapiens moved N out of Africa. It's thought Neanderthal genes may have helped with our living in a cold climate, in particular reinforcing our immune system against viruses such as flu but it may be that obesity and diabetes also come from our Neanderthal links as they may have stored fat for the winter. Don't know what my % Neanderthal is – not sure it's in my DNA test results but some people tell me it's high!! Do know though my testosterone variations, peaking sharply at 8am and setting me off for an active start to the day: not sure how many people know that!! 2moro it's N4c4l and further catch-up. Later on in the week, going to MP/S4con on Thursday (with N), B4m4s on Friday (with P) and DoW4m4s on Saturday (with the Friday gang, at Newton). Lok2t beauties!!!! Nationally 4 records on BirdGuides (count 30-33):

21/05 06:59 Somerset & Bristol : European Honey Buzzard, Berrow one flew north early morning (05:30)

21/05 11:34 Dorset : European Honey Buzzard, Briantspuddle one flew east (10:15)

21/05 13:22 Kent : European Honey Buzzard, Bromley Green one over woodland then towards Shaxdoxhurst

22/05 09:44 Devon : European Honey Buzzard, Heathfield one flew high east over Ramshorn Down yesterday (SX792739) (21/05 16:00)

May 20th: a brill day for Honey-buzzard in the 'Shire with 7+ birds noted at 4 sites from walk, 12:00-14:30, along the old Slaley-Dotland road; the local pair in Ordley gave superb views as last spectacle on walk. Weather was warm and humid, 20C with hazy sunshine, no rain and light SW breeze. Much more to follow … Didn't get into Hexham: had deep snooze after lunch, catching up with past week! Did though make G4g4s where good crack with Fiona and friends, and gr8 to have J on again!! P had been in earlier but left as no mates: I always stay and chat to someone!! Added records from Overstrand in Norfolk, where did some sea-watching, boosting the variety! Had to give some priority to home insurance (buildings/contents). When left on 11/5 had been told that RIAS were going to execute the automatic renewal a few days before renewal date of 13/5. Well they claimed that payment failed and sent me a letter dated 10/5, first read yesterday, that policy would be cancelled today 20/5. So faced a short period of no cover for the property until they re-opened on Monday morning. Amazed at this cavalier approach to an important asset so took out insurance with Saga on Saturday evening and will send a letter to RIAS confirming cancellation tomorrow. L&G executed an automatic renewal on the same card on Friday (18/5) for the car so would recommend steering clear of RIAS. Why didn't they send me an email or a text as well as a letter? 2moro it's R @ B4m4l, followed by N4c4t, catch-up on analysis of records and G4g4s. Aim to get stuck back into music and CT from Tuesday! lok2t beauties!!!! Nationally 3 records on BirdGuides (count 27-29):

20/05 07:06 North Yorkshire : European Honey Buzzard, Long Nab, Burniston one flew in off the sea then northwest (06:10)

20/05 14:47 Somerset & Bristol : European Honey Buzzard, Bedminster one over Chessel Street then flew WSW

20/05 18:35 Devon : European Honey Buzzard, Soar Mill Cove one flew over early afternoon

May 19th: left Overstrand at 10:00 and made PBO at 13:00 after easy journey with traffic quiet with the wedding! Weather was beautiful, warming up everywhere with 16C as left. Added 2 species on journey: Yellowhammer E of Sheringham, Canada Goose near King's Lynn, making 96 types for trip. Caught 13:17 PBO-NCL and got in a little early; managed to catch up on some work on the Baden-Baden paper. Updated Honey-buzzard home page with Norfolk report:

Norfolk/Lincs (12/5-19/5): West Lynn, 1 male W 13/5; Sandringham/Wolferton, 5 birds (3 male, 2 female) displaying, including 1 male in butterfly mode, 3 localities 14/5; Felbrigg Hall, 1 female in territory 16/5; Hickling, 1 male display; total 6 localities, 8 birds (5 male, 3 female), including 1 male migrant W.

Honey-buzzard are clearly widespread in the area. Today saw more suitable habitat from the main road Cromer-King's Lynn, a little inland from the coast, particularly around Sheringham Hall. Will add more detail generally tomorrow. We had a grand trip: got on very well, good food, comfortable beds, very atmospheric habitat, masses of wildlife, lots of sun, no rain after 1st day!! So back in fine fettle: empathetic welcome: she's very fit: lok2tgrf!!!!!!! 2moro it's trip out, looking for displaying Honey-buzzard in 'Shire, W4shop, C4c4ll, G4g4s!! xxxxxx

Nationally two late records on BirdGuides (count 25-26):

20/05 10:09 South Yorkshire : European Honey Buzzard, Thorne Moors NNR flew north over Will Pits yesterday (19/05 12:55)

20/05 11:47 Kent : European Honey Buzzard, Worth Marsh one yesterday

May 18th: went to N edge of Norfolk Broads today, visiting Horsey Mere from 11:25-16:30. It was a grey morning but sun came out at lunchtime and with lighter N wind, became almost warm at times, maybe 11C. Fantastic area for birds with 47 types, including 5 of raptor: a pair of Marsh Harrier up over main broad and another pair up over area by wrecked windmill (total 4) plus 4 Common Buzzard (scattered around mere), 1 Kestrel (female Kestrel hovering), 1 Hobby (female Hobby high-up over mere drifting E before gliding rapidly to S). Took some time to pinpoint where the 5th type – Honey-buzzard – was actually in occupation! Think it's the prominent deciduous wood to E of Hickling village and N of Hickling Heath; the male was up over here several times and the female was found feeding more into the extreme N side of Horsey Mere; the habitat is suitable for Honey-buzzard with many frogs around in the spring. In more detail at 11:59 a male Honey-buzzard was observed from the Horsey Mere NT centre a significant distance, maybe 3km, to NW; he dived down quickly but at 12:23 was seen again, much higher, hanging stationary in the clear blue sky until 12:30. At 13:12 the male was up again but we were now significantly closer, after walking the track along the N side of Horsey Mere; he was again hanging high in the sky; we were now 2km from the bird. At 14:14 the male was up again, this time lower down, being actively mobbed by 2 Jackdaw. He appeared to be unmated, waiting for his mate to return. The trumpeting call was heard once of Crane. Much more to follow … Made cliff-top at Overstrand at 17:15 with sea becoming much more smooth. Had 3 adult Gannet W, 1 adult Mediterranean Gull W, 1 Fulmar E plus a new Kestrel site to W towards Cromer with one bird up hunting. Now up to 94 bird-types with ½ a day to go, not bad! Nationally three records on BirdGuides (count 22-24):

18/05 14:11 Kent : European Honey Buzzard, Dungeness RSPB flew over visitor centre

18/05 22:36 London, Greater : European Honey Buzzard, East Wickham probable at nearby Oxleas Wood (17:05) [?]

18/05 20:19 Orkney : European Honey Buzzard, Bay of Skaill, Mainland one flew south towards Yesnaby

Funds had a good week at +17k, manly on strong oil stocks after rise in PoO to almost $80 but also bond ERO1 (Eros, Indian film maker) of which hold over 50k nominal continues to recover. On year now +98k after 7.1k withdrawal. Expecting a pause in the oil story soon, which is why positions there have been trimmed. 2moro it's PBO-NCL at 13:47 if all goes according to plan but return ticket is open if it doesn't. Hope the gorgeous ones are keeping fit: lok2t beauties!!!!

May 17th: sunny, feeling a little warmer at 10C, still bracing on moderate N breeze: good weather for getting a tan! Went to Blakeney today where had an energetic long walk to sea from the village, c5km there and back. Total for birds was 37 types, including 2 pairs of Marsh Harrier in the Blakeney area; quite active getting up several times to hunt and interact with each other, a very impressive sight. Up to 80 bird types on 8 main lists, which have compiled on BirdTrack, with some more in smaller lists, which have still to process. No Honey-buzzard today but did have 3 Kestrel and 2 Common Buzzard as casual records. One butterfly was seen briefly: a Painted Lady in the sheltered hollow where we were having lunch. Earlier made cliff-top at Overstrand at 11:00 with sea moderating. Had 11 Gannet adult E, 4 Common Gull 1s NW, 1 Fulmar W, pair of Kestrel on cliffs to E. N had some relations around to hotel this evening for dinner (1st cousin and his partner) so there were 4 of us at the table for polite chat. His 1st cousin had crab; I had bass and have exhausted the menu now, once you eliminate anything containing shellfish! PoO crossed briefly $80 mark today; have reduced largest holdings, in ENQ and PMG, and diversified into other oils in Asia, Africa and Israel (ENOG) with significant chunk going tomorrow into short-dated bonds. So not long now: anticipation setting in: lok2t beauties!!!!

May 16th: weather remained dull, moderate N wind, very bracing! We made Felbrigg Hall from 12:00-17:00 for another fascinating day. Birds were good getting 37 types, including a Common Buzzard hunting on field boundary, with abortive attack on Grey Partridge; Red Kite: 2 birds near church and a single bird near lake; Kestrel: a pair near E entrance, another male near lake; male Hobby flying in from S over pond, scattering all hirundines, moved N at low altitude; at 14:30 a female Honey-buzzard was seen approaching from S at moderate height, surrounded by mobbing hirundines (8013). It moved N over the lake, then turned to go into the trees over the carr to the W of the lake. Spent ages watching for last-named but perseverance did pay off; habitat in lake area is superb for the species. So that's 7 Honey-buzzard now, much better than expected. We walked around the hall inside; we're both National Trust members so no charge. That was very interesting looking at an amazing library of antiquarian books and a bird collection, including 3 correctly labelled (juvenile) Honey-buzzard, supposed to be collected by the grandfather of the last Wyndham occupant, who died 1969. Then the NT took over. Earlier made cliff-top at Overstrand from 10:30-11:30 with sea quite rough: very exciting! In total of 18 species, had 14 Gannet adult E, 3 Common Gull 1s NW, 1 Guillemot E, 2 Tree Sparrow, 1 Rock Pipit. Back to the hotel where more good food, though too much shellfish for my liking; in spite of being brought up in a fishing port in Devon, my sisters and I could never eat any such food, whatever the pressure! Looking forward to return: missing the lovelies: lok2t beauties!!!! Another national Honey-buzzard (count 21):

16/05 19:58 Hampshire : European Honey Buzzard, Beaulieu River Estuary one flew north over Solent Way (14:30)

May 15th: in morning, very cool, misty, bracing moderate N breeze, 12C, not basking in sunshine like most of the UK! We left King's Lynn and moved further E to Cromer, where staying at Whitehorse; pretty testing climate here (10C and fog) on exposed NNE coastline of Norfolk. First stop was at Hunstanton from 11:20-12:20 where had, in total of 16 species, 15 Oystercatcher, 2 Turnstone and a Sandwich Tern. We visited Titchwell Marsh on way, one of the best reserves in UK, run by RSPB. Had 43 types here with highlights: male and female Marsh Harrier showing well throughout, many Swift feeding over ponds and marsh land, a male and 2 female Bearded Tit in reedbeds, 3 1s Little Gull seen well in flight and feeding on water, 1 drake Red-crested Pochard in a channel. More to follow... there were birds everywhere, enjoyed the layout and unpressured atmosphere as well as the wildlife; the mist made it look like a scene out of Peter Grimes – marvellous! In poor weather only insects were a Garden Tiger larva and a Silver Y moth. Funds rising as mid-cap oils attempt at last to catch up with PoO. Change is +11k making gain on year 92k after 7.1k withdrawal; might do a little more churning, moving into Asian/African oil mid-caps: eventually all ships will be floated! Hope the gorgeous ones are keeping fit: lok2t beauties!!!!

Finally here's some more BirdGuides reports, 1st 2 are Honey-buzzard (count 19-20), last is our homely Osprey:

15/05 12:42 Kent : European Honey Buzzard, Sandwich Bay one flew north

15/05 13:46 Kent : European Honey Buzzard, Sissinghurst one flew northwest (13:45)

15/05 21:15 Northumberland : Western Osprey, Derwent Reservoir one again

May 14th: in 2009 on 20/5 wrote “Sandringham looks superb for Honey Buzzard (could hold 3 pairs) but didn’t see any in short trips at start and end of visit, but obviously got onto one or two hit lists as suspected paparazzi!”. Today confirmed that feeling with 5 Honey-buzzard seen in area. A total of 4 birds (2 pairs) were up over Wolferton Wood from 11:25-11:32 (8011), with a Common Buzzard and a Red Kite, as seen from Castle Rising. A male Honey-buzzard was performing the butterfly display from 14:54-15:05 at West Newton (8012), as viewed from Sandringham Church. So that's fantastic news!! Another Common Buzzard was at Castle Rising itself. A total of 4 Honey-buzzard were also on BirdGuides today (count 15-18):

14/05 12:52 London, Greater : European Honey Buzzard, Alexandra Park probable dark morph flew north (12:13) [?]

14/05 14:15 London, Greater : European Honey Buzzard, Alexandra Park probable dark morph flew southeast (12:40) [?]

14/05 12:38 Buckinghamshire : European Honey Buzzard, Waddesdon Manor NT one over Chearsley to south then over A41

14/05 11:28 Kent : European Honey Buzzard, Bough Beech Reservoir one flew northwest (10:00)

In NW Norfolk weather was 'sunny, moderate N breeze, dry, bracing' in morning and 'high cloud making it cooler on moderate N breeze' in afternoon. Up to 51 species of bird now. More to follow on trip … Good life continues but missing the lovelies: lok2t beauties!!!!

May 13th: spent morning exploring King's Lynn and West Lynn (on other side of Greater Ouse). Weather gradually improved from a murky start to clear sky and strong sunshine by late afternoon. Highlight was a grand male Honey-buzzard (8010): at 11:22 picked up a male Honey-buzzard at low altitude, rising very slowly in the poor visibility at West Lynn. The wind was a light N and the weather was beginning to brighten. The bird rose very slowly with no assisting thermals, but eventually gained enough height to exit the area, moving steadily W.

So a nice migrant arrived in the UK along the E side of England at Norfolk, now seeking to move W to skirt the Wash and move N/NW to Midlands/N England/Scotland. Also had 17 Swift W at West Lynn and 4 Kestrel today at 3 sites so raptor total is 7 birds of 3 types: Kestrel 5, Red Kite 1, Honey-buzzard 1. Main walk was on Wash NNR in Lincs from 14:00-17:50; this is a marvellously wild area and we were the only visitors (bar 1) on the seaside of the embankments. Here we had 1125 Brent Goose, 51 Shelduck, 6 Redshank, 4 Avocet, 2 Grey Plover, 1 Little Egret. Total for all bird species is 43 after 2 days. Butterflies were good on the Wash with 7 types: Green-veined White 9, Small White 6, Small Tortoiseshell 4, Orange-tip 3 (2 male, 1 female), Large White 2, Peacock 1, Red Admiral 1. Also here had 12 Common Seal and a Hare. There was1 Honey-buzzard reported on BirdGuides today and 1 yesterday (count 13-14):

13/05 15:14 Kent : European Honey Buzzard, Littlestone-on-Sea south at 15:03

12/05 13:00 Orkney : European Honey Buzzard, North Ronaldsay one today; also Bluethroat

So all very comfortable in one of the best areas for birds in the UK. Feels a little quiet after last few days: lok2t beauties!!!!

May 12th: all went smoothly, now at KLN in a PI with N. Heavy rain this evening but weather is supposed to improve after tomorrow lunchtime. Made Wisbech in afternoon to look at Peckover House, whose last owner was Alexandrina Peckover in 1948, before surrender to the National Trust. Gardens were superb and house was presented in classical mid-19th century fashion. Raptors comprised a Red Kite at Oundle and a Kestrel at Guhirn. Total for bird types was 17 and for butterflies 0 types! Meal in PI was good food-wise but service was a little slow! Pleased she's seen the Honey-buzzard: it's very lucky with passion at dawn: lok2tgrf!!!!!!! xxxxxx

May 11th: had productive chat for 2 hours with P/M on our VisCat project (Visualisation in Category Theory); we agreed to revive it, meeting again in 2 week's time. We had 1 paper published in 2012 in the prestigious IEEE series but the work rather faded out 2 years ago; think we need more inspiration than tedious detail! Made CT4c4l where plenty of talent on view! 1 more Honey-buzzard nationally today on BirdGuides (count 12); interesting the number passing through Norfolk (5/12 so far). It is a genuinely popular route but Norfolk birders are also very hot and plentiful!

11/05 11:19 Norfolk : European Honey Buzzard, Thornham flew south over Thornham Marsh (10:25)

Funds moving ahead well this week making +13k, giving +81k on year to date. Oil has been a bizarre opportunity. Some people thought that we'd all be driving electric cars by 2022, which is absolute nonsense; petrol engines provide superb energy density and diesel engines may well be cleaned up further. Electric vehicles will make progress, which is good for city pollution levels, but it's going to take time. With particular reference to oil company shares, investment funds are hoist by their own petard! Last year as much greenwashing, they said they would disinvest from fossil fuels; this gesture was win-win as oil shares were in decline. Now the funds are missing out on the strong rally and underperforming: their performance relative to funds that kept invested is declining. So it's no longer greenwashing: it's a proper sacrifice and their sell-off has stopped! Think have overtaken elder sister's wealth now with Ealing property shading slightly; on current trends will make the 2m level this year, including house, c6% short at present! Made S4con where the RNS Chorus was in action giving good voice; met ATT again and made the right noises: conductor is her boyfriend and man with her was NB, HB's father! Learnt a long time ago to be very cautious in comments about performers to others! But it was really good! Perfect rendezvous: she's fantastic: what some might call a beautiful tea dance: lok2tgrf!!!!!!! 2moro it's up at crack of dawn for NCL-PBO at 10:25!! xxxxxx

May 10th: busy day, mowing masses of grass, front and back, with my push-me rotary cutter and generally getting sorted. It was sunny and bright but quite cool. No fieldwork! Did make N4c4l where pleased to meet trhwso again!! Made S4con to publicise the new season. It was a very witty concert, starring BC! Very sociable afterwards, meeting EG to talk about her plans, JN on Japan trip, and engaging chat with ATT on contemporary music!! Caught last train home, where met J from the G for good catch-up. End was very moving with the gorgeous one: she's lovely: lok2tgrf!!!!!!! 2moro it's into unn for chat at lunchtime with P and M on visualisation in CT, later to S4con and more!! xxxxxx

May 9th: processed yesterday's fieldwork; took some time but all summarised below. Met M at T4c4c; actually got some chat on CT ahead of meeting at unn with P on Friday at noon; he wants me to apply the monadic design to the visualisation structures before the meeting; will have a go! Pleased 2 meet rhwso in familiar haunts!! Later met B at G4g4t; his new knee is still painful; gr8 2 have H on again!! Not out later: saving energy for next 2 nites!! Funds +4k in the 2 market-days so far this week giving +71k on year to date; plus point is PoO now over $77, drag is stronger £ as some (deluded) people think they still might raise interest rates in London tomorrow. 2moro it's N4c4l, 16:52 RDM-NCL and S4season preview. lok2t beauties!!!! Have renewed annual BirdGuides subscription (£69) to keep them sweet. Two more Honey-buzzard nationally (count 10-11):

09/05 20:58 Essex : European Honey Buzzard, South Woodham Ferrers, one drifted east along River Crouch mid-afternoon

09/05 10:15 Norfolk : European Honey Buzzard, Burnham Overy, one east of Burnham Overy Staithe, flew west at 09:54 (09:54)

May 8th: another Honey-buzzard nationally (count 9):

08/05 16:26 Lancashire : European Honey Buzzard, Cant Clough Reservoir probable over Shedden Wood at Shedden Clough mid-afternoon then flew north (15:00) [?]

Locally went to Stocksfield Mount from 14:05-15:20 in very sunny weather on light SW breeze, changing quickly to overcast to W on moderate SW breeze by end. Had thought that as weather turned, the raptors would be out and so it proved to be with a fantastic 6 types recorded in such a short time. Will process all the piccies tomorrow morning. That's my new rule: no more fresh fieldwork until executed fieldwork published. Bit of a nail-biting day. First was DT's decision on Iran, which entirely support: Iran's regime is repugnant (ask my son-in-law) but also think the sanctions on Iran's oil are a good idea (not disinterested!), pushing PoO to $76! Second was Swans vs Saints, which Saints narrowly won 1-0, virtually guaranteeing their continued Premier status; not really a Saints supporter but my Auntie Ann is, and still attends some games aged 90; know it will be good for her morale! Third, waiting for news of stocks of oil (crude and products) in US: massive draw: oil is in short supply! 2moro it's T4c4c and G4g4t. Good news on last trains out of NCL-HEX from 20/5: Mon-Fri 22:53, Sat 22:33, Sun 21:00. lok2t beauties, particularly in the E!!!!

At the Mount had 19 bird-types including 6 raptors. An adult male Honey-buzzard up over Tyne E of Merryshields Wood, soared high at 14:16 mobbed by a female Sparrowhawk before coming down in Eltringham area; a male Honey-buzzard seen first at 14:57 up low over Cottagebank Wood, was mobbed by 40 Jackdaw and 5 Rook, with Honey-buzzard being at the bottom of the pack as usual; at 15:05 the same bird seen at E end of Short Wood in brief flap-flap-glide display (8003); at 15:00 a pair of Hobby appeared very high over Cottagebank Wood, interacted briefly before gliding off fast to W; at 14:28 a pair of Red Kite came up over nesting area at E end of Short Wood, floated around and came back to ground again; adult Common Buzzard was up at 14:39 from Bywell Castle, climbing quickly and drifting SE; a Common Buzzard was doing flap-flap-glide over Farnley at 15:30; a Common Buzzard was up briefly over Eltringham at 14:25; an adult Kestrel was hovering over back of Cottagebank Wood at 14:41. Total is 11 birds of 5 types: Common Buzzard 3, Honey-buzzard 2, Hobby 2, Red Kite 2, Sparrowhawk 1, Kestrel 1. Non-raptors included Swift 5, Swallow 7, House Martin 2, GBBG 1-2s W, Chiffchaff 2, Garden Warbler 1, Blackcap 1. Earlier at Hexham Elvaston had 3 Swift displaying and a singing Blackcap. Butterflies at Stocksfield included Small White 6, Speckled Wood 5, Red Admiral 1 (over-winter?), with a moth, Grapholita jungiella. Another Speckled Wood was at Hexham Elvaston. Running total for Honey-buzzard is now 6 sites, 4 male, 3 female, total 7 birds.

May 7th: another brilliant day weather-wise with all-day warm sunshine except for some cloud midday. Completed processing Oakpool 14/7 from last year, now on Kellas 1/7/17 with just 5 data-sheets to go. Booked up transport to Vichy for late June after quite a lot of research. Strikes are affecting the trains in France and they are trying to drag Air France into trouble as well. Air cost NCL-CFE via CDG was £194 including a suitcase; train NCL-VHY was heading for £300 with any flexibility and booking seemed a little chaotic with 3 companies involved. Checked NCL departures and flight had left for CDG on time today, in spite of strike action, so settled for that. It's 45km from CFE-VHY with good train/bus service. Extended stay at Aletti Palace in VHY for one night, so can make last night's farewell party and have a spare day to look for raptors, making 7 now at special rate of €101 a day. That was the Führer's palace so of historical interest! Did a lot of work today and yesterday on the music paper for Baden-Baden: researching K-, L- and PK-nets after purchasing some papers online. Policy this year is not to build up a backlog of data-sheets after a lot of fieldwork so break today while do more analysis. No break for G though, meeting P for good chat at 22:00. lok2t beauties!!!! Honey-buzzard continue to arrive [BirdGuides] (count 5-8):

07/05 22:43 Lincolnshire : European Honey Buzzard, Frampton Marsh RSPB one flew over; also 2+ Little Gulls, Spotted Redshank, European Turtle Dove and presumed escaped Wood Duck still

07/05 08:15 Kent : European Honey Buzzard, Stodmarsh NNR one flew north yesterday (06/05 11:00)

07/05 12:08 Wiltshire : European Honey Buzzard, Great Witley one flew west late morning

07/05 15:43 Norfolk : European Honey Buzzard, Salthouse Heath possible flew south (15:40) [?]

May 6th: in continuation of brilliantly sunny weather made another Honey-buzzard area from 15:45-17:05, which is quickly occupied: Staward on the Allen. Had single female Honey-buzzard up at both Staward S and Staward N, both briefly, obviously foraging for food and mates not back yet, so keep cool!! At Staward S at 16:07 the female just lifted above the horizon before floating off W to feed (8002). At Staward N at 16:26 the female again just lifted above the horizon before floating off N to feed. Running total is now 4 sites, 2 male, 3 female, total 5 birds. Always wonder whether females or males come first but think it's much the same on my experience!! Total for Staward in bird-types was 18, including Curlew 5, Stock Dove 7, Swallow 1 N, House Martin 4, Mistle Thrush 1, Meadow Pipit 3. Made moorland around Stublick Chimney at end, where looked for moths and found 6 Grapholita jungiella (tiny tortrix) with another 3 of these at Ordley so big hatch today; also at Stublick had a Winter Moth tiny green larva, beaten from birch. Birds at Stublick totalled 10 types, including Curlew 5, Lapwing 1, Red Grouse 1 (dead), Meadow Pipit 1, Willow Warbler 1. Butterflies were good today with at Ordley: 10 Orange-tip (5 male, 5 female), 1 Peacock, 1 Small White, 1 Large White, and at Staward: 2 Small Tortoiseshell. A Garden Warbler was singing loudly from the edge of the field: another new species for year. Did make G4g4s where extension; good crack with my mates; gr8 to have M on again!! Interesting sequel to last night's concert was being drawn to playing Vier Letzte Lieder at home, then finding it was on the programme elsewhere!! lok2t beauties!!!!

May 5th: 2 more reports on BirdGuides (count = 3-4):

05/05 11:40 Hampshire : European Honey Buzzard, Pennington Marshes flew east towards Lymington (11:31)

05/05 21:22 Suffolk : European Honey Buzzard, Carlton Marshes one reported flying over today [R]

and another Honey-buzzard seen by me, at Farnley, my 3rd bird of year (2 sites, 2 male, 1 female, total 3 birds). This bird at 15:15 was a male at moderate height in flap-flap-glide (ffg) action to S of ponds but N of the main road. ffg is an aggressive display mode, involving 2 powerful flaps of wings and a roughly equal time to the 2 flaps in a glide (8002). It indicates territorial possession (fo!) and is performed locally by Sparrowhawk, Goshawk, Common Buzzard, as well as Honey-buzzard. Didn't see any Honey-buzzard over the local site in a 30-minute watch from 12:15-12:45 but did have a Red Kite soaring high over the valley: gr8 to welcome them! Above it can be seen that March Burn 8/7 now processed, leaving 6 to do from 2017. At C4c4l again studied tbld and FT: latter was fairly certain that EM (Emerging Markets) are in a little trouble as the $ strengthens; extreme example of latter is Argentina where you can now get 40% per annum interest in the local currency! Orange-tip are featuring well with 3 at Ordley and 2 at Stocksfield and Prudhoe. Best sighting was an Otter slipping into the water off a stony island in the Tyne E of Wylam at 16:10; a Common Tern was seen at Scotswood. Caught train PI-NCL at 16:01, meeting N in MP4m4t at 16:30 for usual good chat/food. Then made ON reception at S on L3 where had couple of red wine and met some well-travelled people on the music front. Salome was again brilliant: compared to the dress rehearsal in Leeds, it benefited from better acoustics, a Salome of Wagnerian powers (Giselle Allen) and generally more polish after a significant number of live performances. The maestro Richard Armstrong is one of the best for heavyweight opera; we used to see him in the 1990s in Edinburgh conducting the Ring and Parsifal with Scottish Opera, where he was always totally in control; son was at Edinburgh Uni then! Got back on well-patronised last train at 21:52 NCL-PI. NCL was packed: lots of money being spent!! Not into NCL again until Thursday evening for another presentation on new season. lok2t beauties!!!!

May 4th: and the season kicks off in spectacular fashion at 12:16 in hot sunshine on light SW breeze. I'd come out for my regular midday scan of the local area at noon and it all looked quiet. Then at 12:16 picked out a female Honey-buzzard gliding in from the SE, 2km away, at considerable height. She approached the edge of the site at speed, steadily losing height, where she was intercepted by her mate, the male; together they had a few minutes of wild fly-about with much chasing at moderate altitude before being mobbed by a Common Buzzard and a female Hobby; the reunited pair ignored them, eventually coming down in trees to E of nesting area (8001). So what a grand sight: reading is that the male had arrived earlier this morning and the female's arrival was the reunion at 12:16. They don't winter or migrate together but they are site and mate faithful from one breeding season to another. The commotion also had a pair of Red Kite up over the fields to SE of Peth Foot so total was 6 raptors of 4 types: Honey-buzzard 2, Red Kite 2, Common Buzzard 1, Hobby 1. During this spell also had 2 Swift flying rapidly N and a House Martin drifting N so 4 new species for the season in 10 minutes; also had 2 Swallow N, a Grey Heron and 2 Great Spotted Woodpecker on my nuts. The spring migration of UK-bred Honey-buzzard is typically from tropical West Africa, some 5,500km, taking about 3 weeks at 250 km a day so must be quite a relief when they arrive. They are super-fit on arrival: no need to rest; while they fast over the Sahara they will start fat and re-fill rapidly in France; fat in birds is fuel, essential for migration. Enjoyed sunshine in garden and field, not going out until W4g4s where all 6 of us out together for gr8 social. Funds rose for 5th week in row, up 3k giving gain on year of 67.5k after 7.1k withdrawal. Took some more profits on oil, reinvesting in old favourite U3O8: will this be the year of the grand revival or is it another false dawn? Along for the ride anyway! Have policy of putting 20% of proceeds from resource stocks into short-term bonds, which sticking to as a safety measure. 2moro it's S4con with MP4m4t with N, ON reception for supporters at S L3, Salome as seen recently at dress rehearsal but with Giselle Allen as S; should be exciting!! lok2t beauties!!!!

May 3rd: the 2nd report for the year on BirdGuides if a little tentative!

03/05 18:20 Norfolk : European Honey Buzzard, Thorpe Marshes probable flew over high early evening (18:00) [?]

Had a good look at the local site around noon in bright sunshine but no signs yet of a returning bird; smart money is on Saturday (5/5)! Did have 4 butterflies: Orange-tip 3 (2 male, 1 female), Peacock (1) but then the cloud came over and temperatures dropped quickly. Feeling generous today: joined Friends of Samling Academy for £60 and sent £25 to Lynx UK to help their wild pussies come!! Made gr8 progress on March Burn 8/7/17, sorting out the piccies in flight of Honey-buzzard and Common Buzzard and getting close to completion; there's another pair of Hobby here to add to the annual summary. For relaxation did make C4c4t and HoN4st4s, with good crack at latter on the world of IT. 2moro it's N4c4l and W4g4s. lok2t beauties!!!!

May 2nd: took car into KF at 10:00 for exhaust replacement; new one fitted foc by 14:00; meanwhile met M at T4c4c and made C4c4l where did some work on Baden Baden paper: mainly ordering notes made, p1/5 looks close to final form! Went home to tidy-up b4 cleaner S arrived and out again to G4g4t where met B and his new knee: he took great delight in telling me the procedure, almost put me off my g! Getting warmer by weekend when will make a determined check for 1st Honey-buzzard; although sunny, feels too cool at the moment. 2moro it's determined effort on Baden-Baden paper and on March Burn 8/7 with breaks at C4c4t and HoN4st4s!! Here's latest piccie of my sweet granddaughters! lok2t beauties!!!!

May 1st: Still catching up … May Day: great sunny weather, very appropriate. Exhaust making funny noises but not quite same as blow-out so took it into KF at 10:00 where split found in weld; after a bit of discussion they decided it was covered by 3-year guarantee; fortunately kept all paper-work and front section, renewed April 2017, will be replaced again tomorrow free of charge. Roads are so bad, suspect constant flexing has knackered it. Next trip is Norfolk, making life comfortable the nite before, before and after Bach and Beyond!! Big family bash coming up on 2/9 in Wiltshire: my maternal Auntie Ann's 90th, née Lena Ann Nicholls. Getting stuck into Baden-Baden paper; will take laptop into HEX while exhaust fitted. Met N at MP4m4t where we were looked after well; then onto S4con in H2 with the SQ; it was full and could see why: very accomplished performers, really stylish in the slow parts but also speedy in the encore (didn't know what that was). Hope OMM goes well: looks very prestigious!! Took N to Br4g4s where we had good chat. Funds unchanged so far this week; have taken more profits in oilies as PoO slides back a little to $73.3 with resurgent $ having an effect. Diversified a little by buying some pt metal (ETF, not physical, 15 oz for £10k!) on interesting development by Bosch for severely cutting NO emissions from diesel cars; pt is anyway very cheap at moment, below both au and pd. Very poignant farewell: plenty of feeling: she's so evocative: lok2tgrf!!!!!!! 2moro it's car in to KF, T4c4c with M and later G4g4t where heard B was out last week on shaky new knee! xxxxxx

April 30th: sunny today but quite cool at 7C. Had Green Woodpecker yaffling from the valley and a Chiffchaff in the trees in back garden. Working on March Burn 8/7/17 at the moment (7106) and Honey-buzzard migration totals for 2017. Spent some time sorting out Sage bookings for next season; total comes to a little over 1k but plenty of action! Main themes are 'Why I love Brahms'; 'Our Artists in Focus': LV, Viktoria Mullova, Mahan Esfahani; 'Big Birthday Bash'. We have 5 female conductors and a few female composers, including Clara Schumann. One concert deals with bird themes, led by BC. There are a number of visiting orchestras, including BBC Scottish, Hallé, St Petersburg, Liverpool, LA. ON are performing Aida. There are 3 minimalist music sessions at Wylam Brewery; remember well Steve Reich from another festival! Also Oscars, Beetles, James Bond (like film music and the Liverpool lads). So very attractive programme. Today made N4c4l and G4g4s, with 5 of us out at latter for usual good crack! 2moro it's S4con in H2 with Chiaroscuro Quartet playing Bach and pieces by siblings Mendelssohn; going with N who meeting in MP at 17:30 after travel CAL-NCL. lok2t beauties!!!!

April 29th: lots to do today, including mowing 2 areas of grass, which have come away fast; transferring data and text from laptop to desktop and the two back-up 3-TB disks; updating index page for CT papers to reflect recent ANPA additions; sorting lepidoptera and bird records for 2018 up to today. Have a date now for the Unilog Music: here's our web page Not sure whether I should be flattered or terrified!! I'm also giving a talk in the Law and Logic workshop; M was coaching me as to what to say; our main theme is partial truth, following on from the natural intuitionistic (Heyting) logic of CT; we live in a society that is severely degraded by always looking for absolute truth e.g. probability of 0.95 is not left as such but is converted to 1.0 in most modern-day statistics; add in the qualification that the statistical method may be being used out of context and you have a recipe for poor decision making. The real-world is intuitionistic not Boolean! Pleased to see keynote speaker for the Unilog music workshop has intuitionistic in his title and Leibniz' monads feature well. Had a pair of Kestrel displaying over the house but no Honey-buzzard yet; I did make regular scans also picking up a displaying Common Buzzard over Dotland! Good to be back at C4c4l where studied tbld and FT; still no clues as to any decisive market moves! G4g4s was good break at end of day, joining the 4 dommies players for good chat. 2moro it's N4c4l and G4g4s with some work needed in between with Baden-Baden 5-page paper due by 9/5; have 6 pages but it's not exactly in final form! Concert with quartet is on Tuesday, meeting N at MP at 17:30. lok2t beauties!!!!

April 28th: long trek back made well: TOT-PAD 12:29, PAD-KGX tube, KGX-NCL 16:00 (29 min earlier than expected), NCL-HEX 20:16. On arrival in NCL made Hudson for a wee refreshment to recuperate: bit smarter than my usual dives!! It was a very good visit to Devon with lots of progress on all CT fronts and pleased that M agrees with new focus on music: it's all physics, even the aesthetic side!! Got a lot done on train, switching back to birds. Getting ready to register for the annual leading international raptor conference to be held in Kruger, RSA, in mid-November. I'm going to submit a paper on Honey-buzzard! Virgin will provide stand-by flights courtesy of daughter. Should see some Honey-buzzard there as did at same time in last visit there; they're probably from E of range – Russia. Also sorted comments on the Scottish Birds paper: very pleased with supporting evidence for Honey-buzzard being widespread but do have some concerns: artefact and interpretive bias come to mind! Gr8 welcome back: missed her: she's inspirational: lok2tgrf!!!!!!! 2moro it's C4c4l and walk, followed by G4g4s. 2 concerts in the coming week: S4con in H2 on Tuesday and S4con in H1 on Saturday (Salome, real performance!); former may fit in better!! xxxxxx

April 27th: we continued our discussions from 10:05-17:30, wider ranging today, looking at future publications such as TAC and factors such as postmodernism (particularly for law and music). Paid €345 to Baden-Baden conference via IBAN; why don't they all take PayPal? Paid through Caxton eventually for £309 after Lloyds failed to make the transfer for £321. Had a break late afternoon and evening making DH4t4m and DH4pres; latter had shades of a certain Festival with poetry and music celebrating the lives of Marina and Carito (Rodrigues), 2 of the refugees from Bilbao to Britain: the Basque children refugees of 1937, who had settled in Dartington. I didn't know much about this movement but after the left-wing Republicans were heavily defeated by Franco's Nationalists in 1937, there was a refugee crisis and a number of countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Mexico, Russia) agreed to take-in refugees. Britain did not agree but insistent voluntary groups eventually forced its hand and c4k children arrived at Southampton from Bilbao, some ending up at Dartington. So that was interesting: very impressed with DH as an artistic centre: gr8 bubbly atmosphere!! Funds buoyed by steady PoO ($74.50) and weak £ after shocking UK growth figure (only +0.1%) for Q1. So +6k to new record: +65k on year after 7.1k withdrawal. Some profit-taking in oils in the past week, in which was an active participant; in the early stages of a bear market, need to take profits more quickly!! 2moro it's reverse migration, through LON, leaving KGX at 16:29!! Expecting to return to LON in late May to see family. lok2t beauties!!!!

April 26th: well right on cue is this what we've been waiting for:

26/04 10:28 Buckinghamshire : European Honey Buzzard, Lathbury, dark morph flew north [BirdGuides]

They're on their way:gr8 news! Did have a lot of commotion in trees near house at Ordley on 24/4 in evening with Crows going mad but thought it may be Red Kite (or Tawny Owl). That seemed a little too early for Honey-buzzard, even though local birds are quick returners. Common Buzzard were everywhere from Birmingham S yesterday: very common particularly across Somerset Levels.

Worked hard today on CT. Got 09:50 bus in from DH to TOT, then had long session with M on 'life is a free-functor valued colimit' followed by 'the Universe is the intension for everything'. A view I'm developing is that music is not that dissimilar from databases with the key providing the limit in well-structured genre and the object identifier the limit in less-structured genre. We looked at AI but this looks increasingly like a con: the theoretical basis of the subject has not changed in 20 years, making it light on active conceptual advances. Next year is 40th of our collaboration with 250+ papers to date; that's worth celebrating! M thought we should concentrate on the music ideas this summer so that's the way it is with Vichy (June), Baden-Baden (early August), Rowlands Castle (mid-August). Was fed all day at M's; did make DH4g4s to close the proceedings at 21:00. Found interesting booklet on the 2018 Dartington International Summer School and Festival 28/7-25/8: a lot of music with some of the performers having been at S; could come down for it but think I'm away much of time. Quite a small single bed here but could do with some company: lok2t beauties!!!!

April 25th 2018: welcome to the new Notice Board for 2018!! The blog will continue to adopt a high-minded approach to Honey-buzzard studies and other matters!! Today migrated 640km to the SW: 10:35 NCL-BIR, 12:42 BIR-EXE, 16:20 EXE-TOT. Arrived 8 min late, met by Devon M and we went to DH for very good meal in the White Hart Restaurant there. Spent 5 hours discussing CT: very upbeat in view of current publication position! M's still quite lame but should recover with natural nerve repair. Staying at DH: in due course has a very impressive summer music festival. lok2t beauties!!!! (no change there!).

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