Honey Buzzard as a Scarce Migrant in Britain in 2003


Fraser, P A, & Rogers, M J, (2006), Report on Scarce Migrant Birds in Britain in 2003, British Birds 99(2) at p.81.


The year 2003, with 159 individuals officially accepted in the UK, was ranked the 7th most prolific year to date. The report commences with the comment: “Another excellent year for Honey-buzzard, and the recent trend of good years seems firmly established. Since 1993, numbers have dipped below 100 in just one year, the 90 seen in 1997”. Most sightings occurred in the English eastern and southern counties.

The total of 159 is well below the total from Birdguides of 257. However, the latter does include birds in breeding areas and there is some duplication of totals at such sites.

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