Ages of Returning Honey Buzzards

Reference: Forsman, D, (1999), The Raptors of Europe and the Middle East, T & D Poyser.

The idea aired in various quarters that the exceptional number of Honey Buzzards reported this spring arises from a re-orientation of migration patterns following last autumn's movement does not stand up to close scrutiny.

Forsman (1999) says at p.36 under 2nd calendar year: "These birds are not expected to occur in N Europe, as most of them spend their summer in Africa. (A published record of an alleged breeding first-summer female ... is incorrect ..). This plumage is still poorly known ...".

Therefore the birds involved in last year's movement, almost entirely juveniles according to some reports, will most likely remain in Africa this summer. Any reports of first-summers would be very interesting and obviously notes should be submitted through the normal channels and perhaps also to Dick Forsman as well.

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