From: <>
To: Nick Rossiter <>
Subject: Re: Honey Buzzards September/October  2000
Date: 13 March 2001 16:44

Hello Nick
Unfortunately we did not get any records from the North Sea 
at all for HB last year. Surprisingly perhaps we have only 
one record in 21 years of recording. I'm sure many have 
drifted over unnoticed in many years though!
Andy Thorpe
On Mon, 12 Mar 2001 20:43:48 -0000 Nick Rossiter 
<> wrote:

> Hello!  I wonder whether you could possibly help me with the 
following query:
> Were any Honey Buzzards recorded on the oil rigs in the North Sea
 in last year's major movement in September and October 2000?
> I shall be very grateful for any information received or any 
pointers to sources of information including publications. I have 
been collecting information on the HB movement from many 
continental sources and the North Sea data would provide further 
> Best wishes ... Nick Rossiter
> (West Barn, Ordley, Hexham, Northumberland)


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