4 Counts and Timing of Honey-buzzard Movement in Benelux from 13-14 September 2008 on Trektellen

The timings and volume shown in Appendix I are taken from reports made by observatories to Trektellen, the former being obtained by clicking on the circle on the map, which also gives the other birds recorded in the watch, including Common Buzzard. The timings here are CEST which is BST+1, for example 16:30 in Benelux is 15:30 in England. The timings reported are those for the whole watch, except where a comment indicates the actual times at which the birds moved. On 13/9 the grand total compiled of 894 is slightly less than the 981 reported for the whole day on Trektellen. While all records on or near the coast were examined in detail, some low counts further inland near clusters with large counts were ignored. The same applies to the 14/9 where the grand total compiled of 783 can be compared with 862 reported for the whole day on Trektellen.