Sheet 1: Summary

Selected Species Recs Places Rep% 1st Date 1st Place

Total Species: 1
Honey-buzzard 3 3 100 30/05/2017 Dunmere Wood S

Total Records: 3

Complete Lists: 1

Total Places: 3

Sheet 2: Records#1

Species Scientific name Place Lat Long Date Start time End time Count Breeding status Sensitive Remarkable Comment Habitat notes Breeding details Plumage Direction of flight Activity Pinpoint Source Observer name Visit weather comments Visit comments Part of complete list?
Honey-buzzard Pernis apivorus Dunmere Wood S 50.4836219 -4.7571106 30/05/2017 11:10 15:10 2 5

At the 1st site, to S of the wood, the female was seen circling low-down around tall conifers at 12:20 and 12:30 before the male got up for a little display at 12:45, giving a single long flight call; many piccies (7021) were taken, showing the male's long neck, long tail and grey head; the female is larger and darker.

1 Adult Female, 1 Adult Male

weather brightening steadily and the sun finally coming through around 12:50 just after peak activity. It was then warm on a humid SW wind, light to moderate Venturing inland in Cornwall Y
Honey-buzzard Pernis apivorus Tredethy 50.5022516 -4.729989 30/05/2017 13:20 13:20 2 3

The 2nd site was 3km away to the N, roughly in line with regulations! Two birds were seen here as well, with a female up over the open fields at 13:20 and 13:30 and the male up more towards the wood to E, mobbed by 2 Crow, at 13:35. The area appears to be a suntrap with several solar farms and a large vineyard.

1 Adult Female, 1 Adult Male

Honey-buzzard Pernis apivorus Smallacoombe Down NW 50.5426491 -4.5347076 31/05/2017 15:05 15:05 1 5

From 15:04-15:06 a female Honey-Buzzard was seen floating over the large plantation to NW of Smallacoombe Downs on the edge of the moor; she was patrolling slowly over her territory, not getting up to any great height. So another exciting discovery, suggesting significant occupation of the conifers on the moors. The site today appears to be in the Fowey catchment area, with extensive linear woods further downstream, but classified under Bodmin Moor for the moment. (7022)

1 Adult Female