Hobby Records – Northumberland & Tyneside Bird Club Bulletins 2003

April Hobby Falco subbuteo

One was over the River Tyne in the Styford-Riding Mill area on 28th (BNR).

May Hobby Falco subbuteo

Singles were at Stocksfield on 6th and Staward on 17th. Two at Bywell on 18th engaged in brief display (BNR).

June Hobby Falco subbuteo

Noted in about ten localities. At Whitfield Hall two were seen on 5th (DR) and 7th (GB/STH/BRG/LAR) and one on 20th (MPF). Elsewhere in the south west singles were at Bywell on 9th (PF), Healey Hall on 15th (MPF), Juniper and Towsbank on 1st, two sites in the Beldon Burn from 14th-15th and Kirkside near Slaggyford on 25th (BNR). In the south east singles were at St Mary’s on 18th (PAT) and nearby Whitley Bay Links on 26th (NFO), with one bird possibly this species at Brierdene on 29th (NPD). One flew S at West Hartford on 23rd (MSH).

July Hobby Falco subbuteo

Singles were at Ordley on 3rd and 19th, Barhaugh Hall on 12th, Towsbank on 16th (BNR), Close House on 9th (JSB) and Swallow Pond on 22nd (JPD).

August Hobby Falco subbuteo

Reported from about 12 localities. The species appears to be expanding its range northwards with a family party of four (two adults, two juveniles) hawking insects over the northern part of Kidland Forest and Cushat Law on 17th (BNR). An adult was at Allerdene in Upper Coquetdale on 7th (MR) and one was at Ravenshill, Kielder on 22nd (PC). At Bywell a family party of three (two adults, one juvenile) was noted on 16th, single adults on 4th, 7th and 31st (BNR) and one bird on 17th (MA). In the South Tyne a family party of three (probably one adult, two juveniles) was north of Lambley Viaduct on 15th (MN/RN) and one of two (adult, juvenile) at Towsbank on 23rd. An adult was at Kirkside on 19th (BNR). In the Allen at Staward a juvenile was seen on 7th (BNR), 16th (PF) and 30th. Other juveniles were in the Juniper/Dotland area on 9th and 22nd and Blenkinsopp Common on 31st (BNR). An adult flew SE at Big Waters on 27th (AJJ) and a juvenile was at Druridge Pools on 31st (IDR).

Sept Hobby Falco subbuteo

Reported from about nine localities. One to two were at Towsbank on 4th (STH/MN/RN). Two (adult, juvenile) were at Clarghyll, Kirkhaugh and Williamston on 12th, Upper Beldon Burn on 17th, Williamston on 21st and Healey Mill on 25th (BNR). Two juveniles were at Kirkhaugh on 14th (BNR/MSK/SLB) and single juveniles at Bywell (PF) and Lower Beldon Burn on 9th and Ordley on 14th (BNR).

Oct Hobby Falco subbuteo

An adult was at Corbridge on 11th (ASJ). In the south west from April-September there were records from 13 localities. In late summer, 11 juveniles were seen at nine localities where adults had been found in spring. Four juveniles were seen at three further localities where no adults had been found in spring. No juveniles were seen at another site, which had been active until early August (BNR).


Total: 22

Note: these are minimal figures. Other records may have been submitted at a later stage or withheld for some reason.

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