Honey Buzzard Movement 2008, View of Birding World

Reference: Systematic list in Bird News September 2008, Honey Buzzard, volume 21, number 9, p. 356.

Verbatim: a major incursion of continental birds crossing the North Sea began on 13th and continued during several subsequent days. About 150 birds were logged on the first day, mostly arriving along the coast between Northumberland and East Anglia, where 18 passed over Minsmere RSPB Reserve (Suffolk). Similar numbers were reported on 14th, but some of these were late arrivals from the previous day which, having roosted overnight, continued their southward journey. A further peak was noted on 20th/21st (the next weekend), but numbers began to dwindle shortly afterwards. In excess of 600 birds may have been involved in this event.

Comment: blue font indicates statements made without justification or evidence. That such a remarkable movement should warrant so little space might suggest that Twice in a Lifetime rather scuppers their theories on the 2000 movement and the status of the Honey Buzzard in Britain as a breeding bird. The use of the word incursion is weird: it suggests a hostile invasion.

Nick Rossiter 2008

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