Griffon Vultures did not cross the North Sea

The following message to UKBN shows the expected behaviour of broad-winged raptors, in this case Griffon Vultures Gyps fulvus, in resisting drift across a large water body. See Honey Buzzards in northern Germany for a similar pattern observed in Schleswig-Holstein for Honey Buzzards in September 2000.


From: Hans ter Haar <>

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Subject: Re: [UKBN] RFI: Griffon Vultures in the Netherlands

Date: 04 July 2001 21:11


Don't hope too much - the first 9 vultures to leave seemed to drift west on the very strong easterly wind (force 5-6), hence the report on the pagers. When they had enough altitude they (after circling for about 45 minutes to an hour) went south with incredible pace and pretty high. As soon as we lost them from scope view the other nine took off, went to altitude effortlessly and followed in exactly the same direction. As they went a lot lower these birds probably were responsible for the subsequent fly-by reports from Katwijk, The Hague and Monster (which is just south of the Hague). Judging by the pager reports they took a course south parallel to the coast a few km inland.....;the pace they had would take them well into France by evening.......

One day though... Who would have expected Booted and Short-toed in the UK ?


Hans ter Haar

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> Further to Chris Monk's request for location news, there has been no more

> news since the vultures were reported south of Monster, between The Hague

> and the Hook of Holland, in early afternoon. If they kept heading south


> could be in Belgium by now.


> Brian Unwin

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