British Population is Still Relatively Small

At 250 pairs (for argument's sake), only Ireland (0 pairs, apparently), Portugal on the southern limit (10-100 pairs) and Luxembourg (100-150 pairs) would have smaller populations than Britain in the more maritime parts of western Europe. France has 8,000-12,000, Sweden 5,000-10,000, Norway 500-1,000 and Spain 1,000-2,000. Note the big ranges often quoted with this species but it is clearly one of the commonest large raptors in Europe. Other figures: Britain 50-60, Netherlands 630-760, Belgium 300-450, Germany 3,600-3,800, Denmark 600-700 (Kostrzewa 1998).

Further points (Kostrzewa 1998):


Also note that the RSPB thought in 2001 that probably less than 5% of the suitable habitat for Honey Buzzard in Britain is occupied at present Threats to Birds of Prey (link not available now)


Kostrzewa, A, Honey Buzzard, in: BWP Update, 2(2) p.107-120, 1998.

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