Numbers of Honey Buzzards ringed in Britain 2001-2002


Ringed as pullus

Ringed as adult














Total to date






  1. There was one further recovery in 2001 to add to the two noted previously:

a. Pullus ringed Wales GF99079, 52 deg 30 min N, 3 deg 19 min W, 2.8.2000; recovered freshly killed (shot p.92, 2001 report) by man at Twifu Paso, Ghana, 5 deg 37 min N, 1 deg 33 min W, 9.2.2001, 5,211 km S.

Recoveries abroad of Honey Buzzards ringed in Britain: the one in Ghana can be added to the one earlier in Guinea. It is interesting that both recoveries are from areas almost due S of Britain.

Rates of Recovery: The grand total for Honey Buzzard recoveries of three is quite small in relation to the 92 ringed. Many raptors have recovery rates at the 5-10% level. The only raptors with similarly low levels of c3% are Goshawk Accipiter gentilis and Hobby Falco subbuteo. Goshawk recoveries are not always reported as corpses are often obtained through illegal killing. Honey Buzzards and Hobbies presumably have low recovery rates at least partly because of successful migration strategies. A further factor for the Honey Buzzard is its liking for dense woodland in both its breeding and wintering areas.

Source: Annual Reports of Bird Ringing in Britain and Ireland published in the BTO's journal Ringing and Migration.

For instance (for 2002): Clark, J A, Robinson, R A, Balmer, D E, Blackburn, J R, Griffin, B M, Adams, S Y, Collier, M P, & Grantham, M J, Bird Ringing in Britain and Ireland in 2002, Ringing and Migration 21 234-267 (2003).

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