From: Nils Kjellén <>

To: Nick Rossiter <>

Subject: Re: Honey Buzzards in September 2000 in Sweden

Date: 06 December 2000 09:56

> Dear Nils, I wondered whether you could supply any answers to my

>queries below. I would be very grateful for any information. Best wishes

>... Nick

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From: Lars Svensson To:

><>Nick Rossiter Sent: Wednesday, November 08,

>2000 2:56 AM Subject: SV: Honey Buzzards in September 2000 in Sweden

> Dear Nick, You should address your query to Dr. Nils Kjellén, the man

>who is running the whole raptor counts at Falsterbo, and who is doing the

>actual observations himself to 95%. His e-mail address is

> Come back if you still run into problems.

>Regards Lars


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From:><>Nick Rossiter

To: Lars Svensson

>Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2000 11:12 PM Subject: Honey Buzzards in

>September 2000 in Sweden

> Lars, we are having an ongoing debate about the source of the influx

>of Honey Buzzards from 20th September 2000 to the end of September in

>Britain. I've looked at the excellent Falsterbo statistics on

>the web and they show that the last major passage was 15th September. Is

>this the usual date for the completion of migration? Is it possible that

>significant numbers passed after this date at Heslingborg or anywhere else

>in Skane? I do not know how to access information here. I would

>be very grateful for any help. Regards ... Nick Rossiter England


Sorry for not answering before, but I have been birding in Peru the last month.

The passage of juvenile Honey Buzzards at Falsterbo normally culminates in

the first half of September. Median date for the last 15 years is 14

September. No high numbers after 20 September and only a few birds in

October. It is very unlikely that high numbers migrated somewhere else in

Sweden after 15 September.

Best wishes


Dr Nils Kjellén

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