Confirmed Totals for Honey Buzzard Passage in 2000

Reference: Nightingale, B, & Elkins, N, The Birdwatching Year 2000, British Birds 94(12) 590-600 (2001).

20th September: 25 Gibraltar Point, 15 Spurn, 27 Norfolk.

Sheffield: 29 from 22nd September - 1st October.

Nottinghamshire: 64 from 21st September - 1st October.

Lincolnshire: 98 total (only 80 before to date).

Leicestershire: Loughborough 18 on 22nd; Twycross 25 on 25th.

Norfolk: 70 including 27 on 20th above.

Essex: Abberton Reservoir 42 from 22nd-23rd September.

Surrey: 76 from 21st September - 6th October.

East Sussex: Beachy Head 110 passing during the period (20th September - early October) including 63 on 30th September alone.

Portland: 56 during 23rd-30th September including 37 on 30th.

Estimates of total numbers involved range from 500 to perhaps as many as 800.

Suspected cause of movement: with the onset of south-easterlies and a succession of fronts moving into the North Sea between 20th September and early October, there was a remarkable influx of this species with many counties having to rewrite their record books.

Other raptors associated with the movement:

Marsh Harriers: including four at Dungeness on 24th September.

Common Buzzards.

Ospreys: including one at Dungeness on 24th September.

Common Kestrels: including 95 logged at Spurn on 28th September, the second highest day count since 1945

Hobbies: Surrey had best ever autumn; in Nottinghamshire more than 40 contrasts with a typical count of three or four for the same period; three were at Dungeness on 24th September.

Merlins: five were at Dungeness on 24th



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